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Wisdoms Al Ashab (Wisdom El Masran x Samarrah) Stallion

Ox 4211 / Born 2005 / Grey

 Height 153cm / SCID free/ CA clear / Clear in X-ray/ EVA-vaccinated

Strain: seglawieh jedranieh of ibn sudan (Bint Helwa 1887)

Bloodlines: Mostly spanish/egyptian


Wisdoms Al Ashab  is one of the last descendents of the now deceased Wisdom El Masran.

This wonderful stallion was a multi gold winner at national and international shows, declared class winner and junior champion reserve.

His offspring does exstremely well in sports and in shows. Ashabs dam is the beautiful and stunning Samarrah, which also has won gold in several shows.

Both parents can be seen at


Wisdoms Al Ashab is a stunning stallion. Beautiful head. Lovely neck and extremely nice body confirmation. There is substance in this boy.

He is a horse, which is in possesion of nice, long and strong legs and owns an extraordinary temperament. He exudes confidence and attitude.

He has big great movements.

Wisdoms Al Ashab is available with frozen semen.


Ashabs temperament is the best kind imaginable. He is always easy to be around. An Angel... He truly enjoys getting attention

and being schratched behind the ear. Nice and easy to work with. The first couple of years,

we have been training tricks. He knows, how to stand on a stump, which he enjoys. He can make a curtsy.

He can pick up a hat and give it to me on command. He is learning very easily and loves to be worked with.

I startet to ride him july 2008.

He is being used far to little, but he is always a good boy, when I go riding.

He is used mostly in dressage a little jumping and riding in the forest.