News 2019

 The website is finally up and running again. I hope you will enjoy the visit.

Theia is heavily in foal and I am awaiting her foal around 30th of april.


News 2018


Joleena OEA participated at the Nordic Open show in Ikast. She was such a sweet and easy foal first time showing.

She was beautifully shown by Jesper Holst and his team and got 88 points





On the 17th of april I was so lucky to be blessed with a bay filly from Jazz NWA and Theia. I am over the moon. <3







I finally found the time to update the website.

I hope you all will enjoy the new look.





News 2010


We had a nice competition again this year with nice weather og pretty horses...

Wisdoms Al Ashab's riding gallery has also been updated...




News 2009


The page is updated  October 2009 in several places...



* New summerpictures of Ashab*


* This site is updated with pictures from our whitsuntide rally.

The picture above is Fadjane ox with her rider Nanna Gregersen Brix *




* Spring pictures off Wisdoms Al Ashab. Look at stallion photogallery.*




The webpage is updated the First of february at Ashabs galerie and riding galerie.


News 2008



*Ashab´s photogalerie has been updated november of 2008*


*New pictures in Ashabs Riding galerie*



*Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to my beloved friend*

Faisal ox 1700   25.05.91-21.08.08

Thank you for 15 wonderful years...



* 1th time with rider *



* The page is updated with new photos taken by Henning Lindeberg *


* New pictures from our whitsuntide event.

Look at Solbakken competiongallery.*




* Wisdoms Al Ashab was a participant at Husteds stallionday 2008.

Thank you so much Lone for the nice presentation of him *



* New pictures of Wisdoms Al Ashab has been taken by the photographer Marianne Krog *


* Wisdoms Al Ashab is clear in X-ray *