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News 2019

Finally the website is up and running.


News 2018


I decided to keep a puppy from the Game of Thrones litter, so that Arya would always have company.

Sansa stayed in the household and she and Arya have so much enjoyment out of eachother.




Late this marts Arya met with the sweet and handsome leonberger Morelo.

The mating went very well and the dogs really liked one-another.

Today the 20. april Arya is scanned at the vet and she is with puppies. So we are expecting puppies around late may 2018.

Villa Bjørnebo´s Mr. Morelo is living in Norway, with his very nice owner Edel and Jan Pedersen Sunde.

I only had the privelege to be in the lovely company of Edel and her good friend Torill Gustafsson,

which is also a breeder of the leonberger.

Morelo is a healthy leonberger male, with a super personality.

He has already already won alot of titles on dog shows as well

including danish champion as well as Norwegian champion.


Villa Bjørnebos Mr Morelo






Arya was recently scanned for heart-problems. She is clear and healthy.