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Leodanias Fantastic! Lady

( Altonastigens Sommardag x Leodania's Tulip Royal Design)


I decided to name Arya, Arya. Because of a character from the series Game of Thrones.

It means Proud Lion as well. So I found it very suitable.

Arya is born the first of december 2014 in a litter of 13 puppies. She is bred by Leodania, which lies near Mariager Inlet in Jutland.

She is a very happy dog. Lots of energy and wants to be the center off attention at all times. She loves being touched and preferably all the time.

She is always with me in the stable and she loves the horses a bit more, than they love her back.

She is very clever and fun to have as company in the stables.

She also love one off  the households cats named Tyrion and the love is requited. The other cats dont like her.

She behaves very well with most dogs and loves to play with all sizes of canines.



AD: 0


COI on 10 generations is 4,04 %

Teeth: Excellent



Heart is scanned clear marts 2018.

Best result from dog shows is Excellent.