My name is Marlene Ĝlgod and I was born in 1981.  I became a physiotherapist in 2010. I love taking pictures, and drawing and painting. But unfortunately time is not always there for this.

I got my first cat at the age of 6 year. She was named Miss Picky. She was truly a sweet cat and she lived for 21 years, before we had to put her down.

All of the cats I have had growing up, was of domestic breed. They came from other families who could not have their pet anymore. But we also had a few cats from the local vet (pound)

In 2010 I decided to get a cat for my home again. I wanted a burmilla. I started learning about the breed, pedigrees, genetics and colors. There is much to learn and it is a very interesting breed to gain knowledge about. I still have alot to learn, but I enjoy the journey.

But there was waitingtime before it could be possible. I wanted a Burmilla from Shines Burmilla and I couldn´t wait to get a pet.

Long story short. I found Widow. She had to be a single pet for the first 9 months, before I could get Wadiah home. It was a log wait, but defintely worth it.




Beside my love for the burmilla. I also love the arabian horse.

I have had these wonderful creatures since 1993. At first I got Faisal a 2 year-old gelding, which had had bad experiences with humans. He was very scared in many aspects. He was quite the ordial and I had many setbacks with him. But he was a nice horse. He was just scared. But everyday he trusted me more and more.

He became a wonderful horse, with lots of presence and attitude. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye after 15 years, because of severe arthritis.

Luckily a few years before this I had bought a foal, from a dear friend. He is now a beautiful stallion. He is very wellbehaved and excellent to ride. He also is quite humoristic in many ways. He really is something special and I am truly blessed to have him in my life


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