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Wadiah is born at Hatting nearby Horsens. She is breed by Pia Nielsen, Owner of Shines Burmilla.

Wadiah is by All-Saints Percy and Astra of Misapotanien.

Wadiah means calm, gentle and peaceable in arabic. This name suits her perfect.

She is a very social cat. I have yet to experience her mad. She is very playful and very aletic. Her presence always exudes elegance

She loves to cuddle and lying near Widow.


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White Widow is born in 2010 nearby Kolding. Her mother was found highly pregnated, and unfortunately nobody missed her.

Luckily a kind girl open her home for them.

Widow is a white domestic cat, she is the one, who rules the house. Sometimes she loves to cuddle, at other timis she is quite crumpy. That is why, she is also named The IceQueen.