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In 2002 we were to show in Kongens Thisted (nat show) he was classwinner with 82 points.



We didn’t start too many competitions, because his temperament wasn’t the best kind in situations like these. He got very anxious and stessed out.

Nevertheless he sometimes had a good day.


10-09-06 in Tistrup we won firstplace in LB2 and a shared firstplace in LB3 dressage


In the year of 2005, he was the best competition horse at our own Whitsuntide-rally. We won 4 firstplaces in LB dressage end LX jumping

(He was startet as a big horse, because of riders age)

We won the challenge cup.

Older results

1. place LC dressage 1996 at Solbakkens Whitsuntide-rally with 65 %

4. place LC dressage 1995 VJR’s clubrally




Pedigree   -   Results   -   Photo gallery   -   Video gallery