Marlene Ølgod

I am a 26 years old girl. I have a huge interest in the Arabian horse. I love to draw and paint, but don’t have to much time for this. I go to school in Esbjerg, I am studying to be a physiotherapist. Really an interesting education. Beside this I look for my horses needs and work at a factory, so I can provide the financials needed. I live in Varde. Denmark

I got my first Arabian horse in 1993. I was at that time 12 years old. Faisal was a big handful for me, because he had never really been “raised” properly. He was a very anxious and scared horse. We grew up together and learned from each other. The first year we suffered many defeats but we kept trying. Today he is the most lovely horse, with lots of personality and attitude.

In the year of 2005, I decided to buy a replacement for Faisal. This decision is the best decision I could have ever made. Ashab is the most kind and noble stallion, I could have wished for. I’m much looking forward to ride him. But there is still some time though.

My interests in the world of horses, is primarily breeding, shows and tricks. Riding is not the main factor of why I have these magnificent horses. I just love being around the horse, their beauty and wits. Nevertheless I still enjoy riding. I train dressage and jumping, but love an occasional ride in the forest. I hope to make debut with Ashab in the world of enduranceriding, when the time comes. I would also love to learn him, the ways of being a carriage-horse. Time will show.


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